Echoes of the Imperium

Tales of the Iron Rose #1

Categories: Epic Fantasy
Keywords: Steampunk, Faeries, Goblins

A fallen empire. A goblin airship captain. One big, blasphemous problem.

Captain William Blair has taken shady jobs before—what goblin hasn’t? But this shady job has pirates off the port bow and legendary aethermancers knocking at his cabin door. Unfortunately, Wil swore an Oath to see his blasphemous cargo delivered… and a goblin must be worth his word.

The ragtag crew of the Iron Rose once survived the fall of an empire—but none of them are interested in revisiting the experience. As the dregs of the Imperium rise again to claw at their heels, Wil and his crew must face the literal ghosts of their past… or else history may well repeat itself.

Fans of The Aeronaut’s Windlass will find much to love in Nicholas and Olivia Atwater’s epic steampunk fantasy. Ghosts and goblins and dreadful faeries combine in a new series, full of witty one-liners and swashbuckling fun. Pick up Echoes of the Imperium, and dive into a daring, madcap adventure that dashes from start to finish.

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