Better Blurb Writing for Authors

Atwater's Tools for Authors #1

By Olivia Atwater

Categories: Nonfiction
Keywords: Writing, Authors, Blurbs
Write better blurbs. Get better readers. A step-by-step guide to blurb writing by author Olivia Atwater.
Writing book descriptions for genre fiction (or blurbs, as some authors call them) requires a completely different skill set from writing full-length novels. For many authors, blurbs are a last distasteful obstacle they must overcome before they're allowed to sell their book—but it doesn't have to be that way! Writing blurbs is far easier with a step-by-step guide and a bit of helpful advice. 
In this short, accessible book, you will learn how readers select their next novel, and how to aim your blurb at the right readers. You'll also learn how to: 
  • master the art of blurbs as movie trailers
  • compile a one-click list
  • write a tempting hook
  • end your blurb on an invisible question
  • "tell, don't show"
  • use reader feedback in your blurbs

This guide comes complete with several examples of real blurbs, both before and after editing, with clear explanations of every change.
Learn Better Blurb Writing for Authors, and take the stress out of blurb writing.
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