Reader-Friendly Writing for Authors

Atwater's Tools for Authors #2

By Olivia Atwater

Categories: Nonfiction
Keywords: Writing, Authors
Write better prose. Get better readers. A comprehensive guide to reader-friendly writing by author Olivia Atwater.
Readers enjoy a book more when they understand what’s going on—but a lot of common writing advice can make your prose more confusing for readers! Genre authors: Stop listening to writing advice from your peers in literary fiction, and start asking questions about how to make your writing more accessible to the general market. 
In this short, accessible book, you will learn how readers process writing on a narrative level, on a paragraph level, and on a sentence level. You’ll also learn how to: 
  • use the classic parlour scene to clarify more than just murder
  • help your busiest and most distracted readers keep up with your dialogue
  • cheat your way through gameshows using syntactic ambiguity
  • use the semi-colon as it was actually meant to be used
  • un-decapitate your headless clauses
  • “show, then tell”

This guide comes with several well-explained rules which you can immediately apply to your work, complete with before-and-after examples.
Learn Reader-Friendly Writing for Authors, and help your readers follow the story.
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